Size Bare Mechanism: D126.6 x W138.2 x T31.2mm(MAX)
  Mechanism+PWBA: D126.6 x W138.2 x T31.2mm(MAX)
Main Parts:    
Optical Pick Up:   JVC VICTOR OPTIMA-751B
Spindle motor:   MABUCHI RF-300EA-1F265
Sled/Loading motor:   MABUCHI FF-030PK-11160
DSP(for PWBA Solution):   Panasonic Solution/TAMUI Solution
Anti-Vibration System:   3 damper suspension system
Temperature Performance    
Operation(full specification):    -20 to +70℃
Functional (load,eject,play,track jump):  -30 to +85℃
Storage:    -40 to +90℃
Supported interface:   I2C