Product introduction

BT-MC83-FY2 is a HCI module which designed with a Cypress chip and meets requirement of the AEC-Q100 .Supporting EDR to 3Mbits/s and BLE, and is compatible with BT 4.0.Provide with a high-speed serial communication interface and digital audio interface, and support various protocols such as HFP,A2DP and AVRCP.Use the AT command set to control the module through the serial port to develop Bluetooth function to quickly implement customer applications.


Main parameter

◆Chip : CSR8311(AEC-Q100)
◆Bluetooth version : BT 4.0 dual mode
◆Communication interface:UART
◆Protocol support : HFP、A2DP、AVRCP、SPP、PBAP、HID,etc.(pay licence for BT Stack )
◆NREC:CVC/Alango(pay for licence)
◆Operating Temperature:-40~+85°C
◆Dimension : 21*20*2.8mm