Size: Bare Mechanism: D125 XW141.7 XH35.4
  Mechanism+PWBA: D125 XW141.7 XH35.4
Main Parts:        
Optical Pick Up: JVC OPTIMA -Series    
Spindle motor: Mabuchi DC motor    
Loading motor: WEIZEN DC motor    
OPU Feeding motor: Mabuchi DC motor    
DSP(For PWBA Solution):        
Anti-Vibration System and Performance: Silicon elastomer damper method
    >Z:2.0 / X:1.5 / Y:1.5(G)    
    Oscillation frequency: 10 to 200Hz
Temperature Performance:        
  Operation -30 to +85°C    
  Storage  -40 to +90°C    
Supported Interface:         
  Media:  CD-ROM; CD-R; CD-RW (12cm only) 
  Format:  CD-DA; CD TEXT; MP3; WMA