Shinwa Environmental Management Policy

The Earth is so far the only planet that humans can live on. However, resources are limited and our Earth is losing its power to renew and purify itself.

Shinwa not only enforces all the industry regulations about the environment, every employee in fact shares the mission to promote and implement various environmental protection measures. Through this action, our planet is being taken care of, and this is how we contribute to the development and prosperity of human kind on Earth.

Action Plan

  • Environmental measures (relative to various environmental regulations)
  • 1. Observe the rules and regulations concerning the environment in every country.

    2. Be positive in taking such protective measures to the environment while considering our customers' requests.

  • Environmental protection (as a mission for the planet's inhabitants)
  • 1. Act to reduce the pressure that the Earth is under.

    ‧Avoid wastage (Save resources and energy)

    ‧Avoid pollution

    2. Educate employees on environmental concerns.

    3. Establish management systems such as ISO14001 for the systematic and sustainable approach to
        environmental protection.