History of Shinwa
History of Shinwa
1959 Established Shinwa Co., Ltd. in Nakano, Tokyo, Japan.
1960 - 1973 Initially manufactured rubber parts and later innovated an auto-reverse system in
cassette mechanism.
1974 Began manufacturing and sales of cassette mechanism.
1976 - 1985 Established factories in Japan.
1986 Established Shinwa Industries (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong.
Established Joint Venture Shinwa Industries (China) Ltd., factory in Huizhou, China.
1989 Established factory in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
1992-1995 Began EMS to manufacture floppy disc driver.
Began EMS to manufacture word processor.
Began EMS to manufacture CD-ROM mechanism.
Began EMS to manufacture CD optical pick up.
Established Shinwa Technology (HK) Ltd.'s factory in Huiyang, China.
1997 Listed Shinwa Co., Ltd. in JASDAQ (Japan Securities Dealers Association) to become a public
1998 Began to manufacture car CD mechanism.
Established Shinwa Precision (Hungary) Kft, factory in Miskolc, Hungary.
1999 Began to manufacture home tray DVD loader.
Acquired Samtech Corporation in USA and established Naftek, S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.
2000 Began to manufacture component business (automotive decorative plastic parts) in Hungary.
Relocated Shinwa Technology (HK) Ltd.'s factory from Huiyang to Fuyong, China.
2001 Began to manufacture car DVD mechanism.
2003 Delisted Shinwa Co., Ltd. from JASDAQ through Management Buy-Out.
Established Shinwa Industries (Hangzhou) Ltd., factory in Hangzhou, China.
2004 Established Shinwa International Holdings Ltd.and transferred Shinwa Co. Ltd., group
headquarter's function from Tokyo to Hong Kong.
2006 Acquired majority of Eastool Industries Sdn Bhd in Kulai, Malaysia.
2007 Restructured and renamed Shinwa Technology (HK) Ltd.'s factory to
Shinwa Mechatronic (Shenzhen) Ltd., factory in Fuyong, China.
2012 JVC Kenwood Corporation became shareholder of Shinwa International Holdings Ltd.
Established Shinwa Industries (Chongqing) Ltd., factory in Chongqing, China.
Established Shinwa Industries (Xi'an) Ltd., factory in Xi'an, China.
2013 Established Shinwa Precision China (Dongguan) Ltd., factory in Dongguan, China.
2018 Shinwa International Holdings Ltd. changed name to JVCKENWOOD Hong Kong Holdings Ltd.