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Quality Policy

Quality First is the Symbol of Shinwa. Open is our Attitude.

1. Challenging of Zero Defects
We believe that achieving Zero Defects is realistic with our activities focusing on systematic improvement and the practice of our motto that Prevention is Better than Cure.
2. Quality Vision
We aim to be the benchmark of related industries.
3. Customer Satisfaction is Our Standard
Our customers' requirements determine our direction. To be a successful strategic partner to our customers, we are guided by the Principle of Continuous Improvement. We support this through the enhancement of our product reliability, employees' qualifications and process capability.
4. Sincere Relationships
We are committed to building sincere relationships with and creating value for customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, administrations and other relevant parties.
5. Conscientious Use of Resources
We are committed to optimizing use of resources with sensitivity to the environment.